What construction machines to have on site: focus on cantilever crane

To make a construction site work well there must be the right tools. This is because, in order for an engineering construction to be in a workmanlike manner. In fact, not only must we pay close attention to the strictly design phase but also to an operational phase which translates into the organization of the construction site and the means that “will physically produce” the product. It therefore goes without saying that a team of workers, in order to carry out their work, must use excavators, cantilever cranes, and much more.

The organization of the construction site is a very complex operation that requires planning and scheduling of the work: choosing the area for the operations center, setting up the necessary infrastructures (fences, housing-offices, connections to external roads, etc.), prepare the connection to the various systems (water and electricity) and choose and organize the necessary equipment, such as machines for transport and earth moving. This focus will give an overview of the construction machinery needed on a construction site.


In order to be able to erect all the engineering works had in commission, a construction company must make use of the so-called construction machinery. If, on the one hand, it is important to know how to design on the other, it is also essential to make what is going to be made feasible and buildable. The primary position in this context therefore assumes its own set of construction machines that simplify and speed up the organization of the construction site.

Italian and European regulations govern all the “machines” we are dealing with: among the reference standards we find the EEC Directive 42/2006 and Legislative Decree 17/2010, which repealed the DPR 459/1996 (old Machinery Directive). The standard provided by the state has helped to outline the characteristics of each machine placed on the European market (CE marking, CE declaration of conformity and use and maintenance manual). Therefore all machines, regardless of the function they perform, must be equipped with information devices, instructions necessary for driving the machine, alarm devices and warnings regarding residual risks. These warnings therefore also apply to the work of the cantilever crane.


Obviously, absolute space must be dedicated to the importance that a crane has on a construction site, especially if it is a cantilever crane. The work of the cantilever crane is easy, intuitive, safe and meets the needs of the workers, thanks to the engineering structure designed specifically in that way. There are different types of cantilever cranes, each of which is better suited to the specific needs of the type of work carried out by the company. Indeed some supplier companies also allow customized modifications so that work with the cantilever crane is even safer and more ad hoc.


Special attention then goes to the mechanical shovel is a particular type of machine. It is essential for digging and transporting things within short distances. Instead the backhoe loaders are earthmoving machines with the combined presence of a shovel on the front and an excavator arm on the rear. Both are fundamental within a construction site

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