Rewarding Your Employees for Growing Your Small Business

At the heart of every successful business is a group of hard-working employees. A company’s success depends on them, so why not reward them when things are going well? There are many things you can do to tell your employees “thank you” and that their hard work is noted without giving them across-the-board raises. Here are a few ideas of things you can do for your employees to show your gratitude for their dedication and hard work.

Clean Up for Them

A great way to tell your employees that they have been doing a great job is to eliminate some of the menial tasks they have to trade-off doing, like taking out the trash and cleaning the floors and restrooms. Hiring a cleaning service to take care of those chores will be much appreciated. Cleaning Minneapolis floors in the wintertime when everyone is constantly tracking in dirt and snow will be a chore they won’t miss.

Have a Few Contests

A fun way to show your appreciation to your crew can be having monthly contests for prizes or gift cards. Have a photo contest, or a trivia contest, something to give them a break from their hard work. It adds an element of fun to their routine and they’ll have a chance to win a little reward to brag about, even if it is only having the ugliest Christmas sweater in the whole office.

Throw a Lunch Party

What says “thank you” better than a free lunch once a month? Have a pizza party every so often or hire a taco truck to come to the office and pick up the tab. A simple catered lunch doesn’t have to be expensive, and often it is tax-deductible. It’s a gesture they will very much appreciate.

When things at your small business are going well, don’t forget to do something nice for the employees who made it all happen. With some small tokens of gratitude, your business will be thriving even better than before in no time at all.

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