5 WordPress Trends You’ll be Needing the Most in 2020

The most popular content management system amongst all is WordPress. It has above 60% market share and its popularity is increasing with time. If you run your business with a WordPress site, you should be waiting for the latest trends to increase customer satisfaction on the website.

If you’re a WordPress fan then you must keep an eye on the emerging trends to stay on top of your competition and your business revenue.

Here are 5 WordPress trends that you must be aware in 2020 to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s start!

  1. Drag and Drop Themes

Themes are always the crux of WordPress. In 2020, the themes will become more advanced by giving you multiple options in one. It will be easy to apply themes in WordPress by dragging and dropping them. So, it will be easy to create a WordPress site without having technological expertise. Isn’t it great for people who don’t have the programming skills?

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Yes, you read it right! In 2020, it will become a must to optimize your WordPress site for the voice search. Most of the users will be using their voices instead of the text to interact with your website. You should write content that’s easy to understand. In order to optimize for the voice search, you should keep the content simple and use the natural language so a layman can also understand.

Secondly, work on your local searches, that’s brought on the things on your website that people search the most in your locality if they are relevant to your business. For example, ‘best cafes near me.’ You can also use the questions that come in your customer support and use that searches to create the content relevant to your target audience.

If your site has too much content, you should prefer to buy VPS server so it can manage the high traffic coming to your site and protect your website information.

  1. Minimalism

The minimalism is the new trend for every website especially the WordPress. Minimalism is the concept of working on quality while limiting the quantity. minimalism on the website counts in the layout, colour, themes and fonts. So, you have to design your WordPress site in a way that minimalism is achieved.

The benefit of keeping your website minimal is that it will take less time to load and the gradients and shadows will add more life to the site. So, if you want to make your website stand out from the crowd, you have to follow minimalism in your website.

  1. Focus on the Minor Details

In 2020, you should focus on the small details of your website that increases the readability. You should prepare your website for the interaction like if a website has information so every dot of it should interact with the readers.

If you’re using the images, you need to add effect so it engages the users who come to your website. For instance, giving the sharing option on every text encourage the sharing of content from the website.

  1. ChatBot Integration

Today, not only eCommerce businesses are utilizing the power of Chatbots but also the real estate and even small businesses. So, in 2020. According to the new updates of WP. it will be easy to integrate the chatbot. They will connect to the CRM systems which will help to learn the users’ behaviour and collect their insights. This will help you in creating customized offers so that you can entice your audience with your business.

So with Chatbots, you can enjoy the perk of being available 24/7 with this top trend of 2020.

If you want to rule the game of your small business with your WP site, then it’s a must to stay on top of these 5 trends. This will give you an edge over your competitors and increase your business ROI.

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